School Facts


Frank Tillery Elementary School

School Facts



Mission Statement 
Frank Tillery Elementary is a diverse learning community where all students excel through high standards of achievement. Students are equipped to meet the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Fast Facts 
Opening Date: August 1993 
School Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue     
Student Population: approximately 556 
Principal: Katie Mays 
Assistant Principal: Halley Parsons

They can because they think they can! 
Youngsters laughing as they're learning 
What could be the trick? 
Students learning what they're doing, 
What makes this place tick? 
Scholars sharing and interacting, 
Hey, this really works! 
Kids on floors and kids in chairs, 
Locked in a knowledge search. 
Success is flowing everywhere, 
And everywhere you'll see, 
Brains are racing, minds are stretching, 
There's creativity. 
CANT's go out the window, 
This place is stacked with CANS, 
With children thinking, children dreaming, 
Children filled with plans. 
So what's the great big mystery? 
The secret to success? 
What makes these children love to learn, 
And strive to do their best? 
There's a method to the magic, 
And it's such a simple plan 
These children are successful, 
Because they think they can!