Administration and Staff

Frank Tillery


Mrs. Mays         Mrs. Parsons   

Katie Mays Halley Parsons
Principal  Assistant Principal

 Frank Tillery Elementary is a diverse learning
 community where all students excel through high
 standards of achievement and are equipped to meet
 the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow. 

Office Staff
Sandy Brown Secretary
Marcela Arosemena Clerical Aide
Faye Goodwin Nurse
Tonya Madsen Counselor
Ana Salas Social Worker

  Classifed Support Staff
Cheryl Bassett Title 1
Kathy Collins Title 1/Computer Lab
Georgia Musgrove Title 1
Carol Denefe Title 1
Alma Svoboda SPED Aide
Dianne Schmidt ESOL Aide
 Becke Strasters Library Aide

 Custodial and Cafeteria Contacts
Ricardo Silva Head Custodian

Custodial, Cafeteria, and Duty Relief Support
Alby Cierra, Custodian
Avelina Duran, Custodian
Dora Romero, Custodian
Crispin Ramirez, Custodian
Maria Ruiz, Custodian
Alejandra Vega, Custodian
Lauren Hutcheson, Cafeteria Manager
B.J. Guyll, Cafeteria
Jeannie Dold, Cafeteria
Calinda Hollinsworth, Cafeteria
Betty McChristien, Cafeteria
Isabel Andrade, Cafeteria
Veronica Castro, Cafeteria
Daisy Alarcon, Cafeteria
Georgia Musgrove, Recess Duty Aide/Title 1
Becke Strasters, Cafeteria Aide/Library Aide
Janet Sandoval, Cafeteria Aide
Carl Gastineau, Cafeteria Aide
James Sandoval, Crossing Guard